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This list is a work in progress and includes the names of Black women killed in the U.S. by police and by civilians.
Priscilla Slater
Breonna Taylor
Atatiana Jefferson
Dominique Clayton
Pamela Turner
Aleah Jenkins
Charleena Lyles
Alteria Woods
Deborah Danner
Bettie Jones
Sandra Bland
Susie Jackson
Ethel Lance
Myra Thompson
Cynthia Hurd
DePayne Middleton-Doctor
Sharonda Coleman-Singleton
Natasha McKenna
Tanisha Anderson
Michelle Cusseaux
Yvette Smith
Renisha McBride
Kayla Moore
Darnesha Harris
Rekia Boyd
Aiyana Stanley-Jones
Kathryn Johnston
Alberta Spruill
Mary Mitchell
Sharon Walker
Eleanor Bumpurs
Alberta Odell Jones
Della McDuffie

and So Many other lives that were Taken...

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